Monday, November 24, 2008

Think! Challenge - Catalog structure

The Think Challenge from here was: Put one catalog on the table and tell your students to make a structure that is as tall, wide and deep as possible. They may not use any other materials except the catalog. No scissors. No tape. Nothing!

Monkeet's structure:

He had a bit of trouble at first thinking of what to do... until I reminded him that he is very good at making paper airplanes and even knows how to make paper boxes so certainly he could use his paper folding skills in some way.  (That was probably too much info to give for a Think Challenge- but I didn't want him to give up either.)  At first he had the boxes set up just like bricks but then realized that he could get columns to stand up if he put them inside the boxes.  He was pleased with how tall he made it - and so was I :)

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