Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Think! Challenge

I ran across a great blog which presents a challenge each week to get your kids thinking.  We participated this week in this challenge.  I know that Monkeet will get even better at this with a bit more exposure.  I'm quite proud of him.
We didn't have any eggs  on hand, so I grabbed an Easter egg and put a bouncy ball inside of it to add weight and so it would be a bit off-balanced like a raw egg too.  At first I provided him with blue painter's tape - but that wasn't really working - so I got out the scotch tape for him to finish with.  Mainly he just made "layers" of straws going different directions.  At first he put them together in flat little rafts.  Then he discovered that by cutting the tape lengthwise he could have pieces that acted more like string to tie the straws into little squares using 4 cut pieces.  Without this discovery he would have most certainly run out of tape.  I liked his idea of the bendy part of the straws being there to cradle the egg - he just made them a bit too far apart to actually do the job.  Regardless, he was finally able to get the egg balanced on top :) He wanted to do it again after having the experience and seeing other's solutions here but we didn't have 12 more extra straws laying around.  

I think these challenges will be great for him!  Many thanks to Think! for taking the time to publish them.