Thursday, August 21, 2008

Schedules and Routines Step 1

I've been needing to rethink the flow of things in our household a bit - not just because school will be starting, but that is one reason. One thing that I had already tried to add back into my life was reading a bit from the Bible each morning (which I've been doing most some days after I nurse the baby.) Anyhow - was thinking about the whole routine thing this morning and then read:

"Let us wake in the morning filled with Your love and sing and be happy all our days." Psalm 90:14
I know that what I need to do is wake up each morning full of love - not stress, or worry, or grumpiness (I'm not much of a morning person) - but LOVE. The rest of the routine - well, I need to think about this first step for a bit - the rest will have to wait for my next post.

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